Transitions – woof. Am I right? One of the things elementary school didn’t prepare me for - among other things – is how to be and feel when I am the only one moving on. After a lifetime of transitioning in step with my peers from kindergarten to first grade, from t-ball to softball, from high school to college (you get the idea), it has been an interesting few weeks as I moved on alone from my first post-college company to a new one. It’s been freeing, challenging, terrifying, and fascinating all at once. But then I realized that my entire experience with clients depends on transition. I am invited to preserve moments of change in their lives from new members joining the family to children growing older to seniors graduating high school. And so while I'm not inviting someone in to photograph my first few days at a new company, it's amidst this quiet fear of the unknown that there is still also grace, excitement, and joy just like there is for my clients.