I wasn't planning on getting a cat. How many times have you heard that from someone? In truth, I was happily living the life of a 20s something when my friend found a kitten abandoned in a box in an alley. I made the mistake of looking into his wide blue eyes and was toast. On the plus side, Fitzgerald (named for one of my favorite writers) was a pet who wouldn't mess with my beloved happy hour schedule. He's been hanging around for nearly five years now and his lifestyle is the reason I can't quit my job; one of us has to pay the bills. He is difficult and fluffy. Half the time he wants my attention only to grumble at me when he finally gets it. I never tell men about him until at least our seventh date because #catlady.  But Fitzgerald still snuggles with me each evening and is a bright spot in my life which is why I never object to furry buddies like Grace's sweet puppy attending sessions.