Is it weird that seeing Lucas's devotion to his dinosaurs made me think of Barbies and Nazis? Wait - it is weird? Are you sure? Okay, then I suppose I should explain myself. Because my mom was able to be home with us when we were young, my sisters and I grew up with our days tumbling into one another. It was a seamless transition of snacks, books, trips to the zoo or the pool, and "creative, unstructured play." Our toy collection had a healthy dose of Barbies and when you have hours of unfettered play looming before you, you tend to branch out in your narrative. Naturally (WHY is this weird?) after watching The Sound of Music for the first time, we created a world in which our Barbies regularly ran away from the Nazis. We would pack their families, food, and extra outfits (duh) into mini Radio Flyer wagons and hit the road. In case you are wondering, most children don't play this way which we quickly found out once we tried to bring this game to our friends' homes. Also please note, so that she is not appalled when she reads this, that my mom had no idea we played this and would have insisted we pick a new Barbie backstory had she been aware.